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Mindful Family Mindfulness Meditations for Kids

Our brand new Mindful Family App is ready to download!
Do you need more calm and harmony in your family ?
Teaching mindfulness meditation is a great way for kids to develop focusing skills, resilience and well-being.

New free App or premium app with guided bedtime sleep meditation for kids.
Mindfulness for Children provides relaxing sounds of nature to help children calm down and improve focus/concentration. With descriptions and terms aimed at children, users are taken through body scans, visualizations and breathing exercises.

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Amazing Features

The meditations is developed by Pia Holgersen, Psychomotor Therapist with expertise in relaxation technique, and the App is originally created in Denmark. Schools in Denmark use these meditations with great success and Mindfulness For Children is recommended by several danish child psychologists. This app provides the opportunity to guide your child through short exercises and to choose what your child wants and is in need of in his or her daily practise.
The app helps children relax and will enhance their feelings of contentment. It can be used for purposes of general relaxation or as a teaching resource for all children. Mindfulness training for children and parents has been shown to reduce some ADHD symptoms in some children.

About Mindfulness for Children

A must have app for parents.

This is a superb high quality children's meditation App by leading psycho-motor- therapist, Pia Holgersen.
Pia skilfully guides children to the creative part of their mind through a number of carefully scripted meditations. This app contains guided meditations, body scan and sleep meditations for children and relaxing sounds of nature which can help children with calming down.

We have made other apps.
Try to listen to the Sound of Bornholm. The sounds on this app has a calming effect on the nervous system and is therefore very suitable for reducing stress, mindfulness meditation, yoga, relaxation and for people with sleep disorders. Sound of Bornholm is produced on the beautiful danish island of Bornholm located in the Baltic Sea.

Put a smile on your mind anytime, anywhere and everyday.

Our mission is to provide accessible, lifelong tools based in mindfulness meditation. Creating happier, healthier and more compassionate young people.

Pia Holgersen - The director of Mindfulness for children.
As a qualified psycho-motor therapist, Pia is passionate about helping people help themselves. In her private as well as in her professional life, Pia has gathered the benefits and joy of mindfulness meditation, which she regards as a powerfull tool for creating physical and mental stability – a daily life with more inner peace and increased energy.

Jannik Holgersen - The man behind the idea for Mindfulness for Children.
I have developed and produced several different apps – among them Sound of Bornholm and Sound of Mindfulness. My interest in mindfulness meditation has only expanded during recent years – in line with the demands being put on me, and all of us as humans – at work and at home.

Free Meditation for you

Finding peace. A combined breathing- and visualization exercise with calming effects due to its focus on breathing. Your child can take the breathing technique from this exercise and put it to use in everyday situations where a little extra peace and quiet is required.

Clients feedbacks

In our family, it was an instant hit with my daughter, aged 6. Brilliant. She asks for it herself, also the waves, especially when going to bed. So thanks a lot for this app.

Android - user

My son is ten (he’s got ADHD – (ADD) and therefore also suffers from motorical and mental restlessness and hyperactivity) – he has used the app for two months and he is happy with it. It helps him to calm down when he is “speedy” or when he is mentally tired or too stimulated. And we also notice that it both helps with his physical restlessness (hyperactivity) but also can help mentally in guiding his thoughts in one direction instead of having them flying around. So in our family: Both our child and his parents recommend this app.

iPhone - user

We find it very good and useful. One of Jana’s teachers is planning to use it in class. I put on the sound of the waves the other day. Jana fell asleep very quickly – and so did her mother, that’s how effective it was.

iTunes - user

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$ 4.99
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$ 9.99
  • HQ sounds
  • Booklet
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Google Music

$ 8.99
  • HQ sounds
  • Playlist
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Mindful Family - free app with IAP
Premium only $4.99 USD one time fee
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March 4, 2015 - Mindfulness for Children the App

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